Peer-reviewed papers

: equally contributed
  1. Sato D.X., N. Rafati, H. Ring, S. Younis, C. Feng, J.A. Blanco-Aguiar, C.-J. Rubin, R. Villafuerte, F. Hallböök, M. Carneiro and L. Andersson (2020) Brain transcriptomics of wild and domestic rabbits suggests that changes in dopamine signaling and ciliary function contributed to evolution of tameness. Genome Biology and Evolution, 12(10):1918–1928.
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  2. Ikemoto A., D.X. Sato, T. Makino and M. Kawata (2020) Genetic factors for short life span associated with evolution of the loss of flight ability. Ecology and Evolution, 10:6020–6029.
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  3. Sato D.X., Y. Ishii, T. Nagai, K. Ohashi and M. Kawata (2019) Human-specific mutations in VMAT1 confer functional changes and multi-directional evolution in the regulation of monoamine circuits. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 19:220.
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  4. Sato D.X. and M. Kawata (2018) Positive and balancing selection on SLC18A1 gene associated with psychiatric disorders and human-unique personality traits. Evolution Letters, 2(5):499–510.
    Featured in Editor's Blog, Editor's Choice in Science 362(6410), pp.42, Top downloaded paper 2017-2018, 2018-2019
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Other articles

  1. 佐藤大気 (2019) 精神疾患を生み出す遺伝子とその進化. Laborify
  2. 佐藤大気, 河田雅圭 (2018) 精神疾患関連遺伝子から探る、人のこころの進化. academist Journal
  3. 佐藤大気 (2018) シンポジウム参加記. 日本進化学会ニュースvol.19 No.3